Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Word of Warning

We love a fancy drink as much as the next questionable pair of men living together in Rogers Park. Maybe more. But only within reason. There are, after all, consequences and cautions that deserve mentioning.

Fortunately, the work has already been done for us by the Kids in the Hall. Kids in the Hall was a delightful comedy skit show that ran during the early '90s, a time some of you may only dimly remember. It featured a cast of Canadians who, in M's opinion, are way funnier than the entire nation of Great Britain. Canadians are hysterical. That's just the way God made them.

The sketch is entitled "Girl Drink Drunk," and we offer it here as a cautionary tale, one best enjoyed with a Squash Strawberry Alley-Cat at hand.

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