Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Happy Hour: a toast to George & Ethel

Not long ago, we were at an estate sale and came across an old cocktail recipe booklet. These are always fun to add to the collection of cocktail and happy hour paraphernalia. This one was published in 1953.

This is the same booklet from which we drew the "Happy Birthday" drink post featured recently.

This particular booklet had a special surprise, though, because tucked into it was a small piece of paper reading .....

Probably family friends? A couple that came over for canasta or bridge? This estate sale happened to be a family-run sale, and we were almost tempted to ask them if they knew who George and Ethel were. But, we didn't want to take the chance that someone might get suddenly sentimental and tell us, "oh, that's not for sale." On the other hand, maybe we could have gotten a good story. Well, we'll have to imagine.

On the other side was the recipe:

I can picture Ethel drinking this, but George? This is one of those "nips from Grandma's liquor cabinet" we've featured from time to time.

It's a Brandy Alexander.

I like that they were brand loyal on the creme de cacao (DuBouchett) but went their own way on the brandy.

"What'll you have, George and Ethel?"

"Make it the usual"

Here's to you, George and Ethel!

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