Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Happy Hour: tips for the dieter/drinker

We don't want to get in the way of anyone's good time, and our track record on this blog proves it!

But, it's still a brutal truth that too much of a good thing can really take a toll on your figure!

Brace yourself -- this has to be said:

That was unpleasant.

But, help is on the way!
Okay! We can live with that! Besides, drinking plenty of water is good, anyway, right? Plus, we should add that plenty of exercise will help burn off those calories, too. So, with water, good nutrition, exercise, a few drinks can be part of a healthy lifestyle!
Failing that, here a few additional options:

Sometimes a Thin-N-Tonic is a necessary evil. Doesn't quite take the edge off as well as its more famous cousin, though. Oh, well!
You don't have to fall off the wagon completely -- maybe just hop on and off from time to time.
We'll drink to that!

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