Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Happy Hour: Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve! The evening when sparkling wine flows! We certainly wish you the very happiest in 2011, and we're pleased to bring you several tempting drinks you can use to toast in the new year!

Our first drink is the appropriately named Champagne Cocktail:

This simple drink offers just enough complexity with the flavor of the bitters and orange twist to make it very satisfying. Also, the sugar helps accentuate the bubbles! Next, we have a slight variation on this drink:

A kick, indeed! A little more "oomph," huh? Along the same lines, the French 75 is a classic drink made with sparkling wine:

And here is another version of this drink, along with something they're calling a "French 90" which is very much like the brandy version we saw above:

Maybe it's not unfair to say that sparkling wine is kind of like bacon -- everything is better with it. Here we have a drink that's one of Rogers Park Retro's favorite, but with a sparkle:

Of course, you can have your sparkling wine by itself, too! Anyway you have it, we hope your new year sparkles!

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