Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday's Food Section: cooking with condensed soups

We've already featured some delicious dishes from this vintage recipe book, but we wanted to take this chance to introduce you to the book in greater detail -- and especially to introduce you to Anne Marshall, who was "semi-homemade" before "semi-homemade" was cool! Here's a message from her to you:

We do want to visit her kitchen at Campbell's in Camden 1, New Jersey! And we love her even more for not being afraid of extra heavy cream in her soup! Now, on to today's tempting recipes. Here's a concept of how they'll be served:

Perfect from a nice dinner for the in-laws, the ladies bridge club, or a church potluck! Here are the easy to follow recipes:
That's a meal right there! But, wait, there's more ....

Now, that's a party on the go! And, don't forget the puff:

And, it's so versatile, you can make this with beef or tuna! Bon appetit!

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maltlokk said...

I have a similar pamphlet, but called the "[selected recipe edition]". There is no date in the 8-page pamphlet. Does anyone know the date?