Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Happy Hour: Collins (Tom Collins, John Collins, et al.)

There's your classic Tom Collins! (and it's going to hit the spot!) The Tom Collins is the chairman of the board of a group of Collins drinks. Let's learn a little of the history of the Collins:

Here are some of the clan members by name:

So, you can see how versatile the Collins is. Start with lemon juice, add sugar, some ice, a booze of choice, and soda -- and some colorful garnishes! Here are some vintage takes on the Collins:

Looks like the whole family is listed there -- Daddy, Mickey, Sandy, Joseph (he's the stuffy one), and Johnny. Where's Mommy? Here are more:

So, you can run with this formula and make a Collins to your taste. We should also notice how refreshing they are -- just look:

Indeed, effervescent, bubbling and alive!


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