Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Happy Hour: Cuba Libre

Of course, you remember the Andrews Sisters' hit "Rum and Coca-Cola" -- it's part of the eternal soundtrack of care-free island life, even though it is really about a mother-daughter prostitution ring. But, that's another story. In keeping with the theme of care-free island life, however, we turn to this week's cocktail special, the Cuba Libre. As the authors noted above, it's hard to distinguish the Cuba Libre from a Rum & Coke -- further confirmed by our friends at Ronrico, below:

They agree on the amount of amount of rum (1.5 oz), but differ on the kind of rum and the amount of lime. Chalk it up to personal style and personal preference. Here's an almost identical recipe, which they're calling "Rum 'n Cola":

As they suggest -- and is often done -- cola mixes with a lot of other things besides rum. But, there's no song about "Southern Comfort and Coca-Cola." And, for a final demonstration of how interchangeable these drinks are, here's the same recipe, but for a Cuba Libre:

So, is it a Cuba Libre or a Rum & Coke? Both. Either. Whatever. Drink up. Cheers!

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