Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Happy Hour: Golden Cadillac

This Friday, we're taking another guilty nip from Grandma's liquor cabinet, as this creamy confection of a drink brings both sheer enjoyment and shame. Our drink is #14 in the veritable line-up of guilty drinks above. Taken from Galliano's "Welcome to Galliano's World of New Tastes" (circa late 1960s), here's the recipe:

Actually, the spread pictured above constitutes Galliano's suggestions for "after dinner drinks." From the looks of the candles, the romantic mood is burning brightly! Here's another version of the drink from "The Bartender's Guide":

This, obviously, trades out creme de cacao for triple sec, for a more "orangy" taste. The Golden Cadillac is the kind of drink you'd find on a bar menu in a supper club or old restaurant that hasn't been updated in 30 or 40 years. And, yes, they'll probably make this drink in a blender. Here's the "You Are What You Drink" take on this venerable cocktail:

Suppository fashion?! Well, anyway, cheers!

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