Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Happy Hour: Egg Nog

Happy post Thanksgiving ... and, we hope it isn't too early to say ... Merry Christmas! On this day after Thanksgiving, as we burn off those extra calories from yesterday as we dash through the stores at door buster sales, or maybe by cheering on the team while watching the game on TV, let's think about a signature seasonal taste, egg nog. This will be the perfect drink to have while we're putting up those Christmas decorations. Egg nog can be made for the whole brood, as we see in the recipe above which serves 10, or for the individual, as we'll see further down. Here's another recipe, which serves 20:

As we can see, the basic elements for egg nog are eggs, cream, milk, and some spices. Of course, we punch it up with some "extra" ingredients, too! In the first recipe, they included both whiskey and cognac, and in this recipe, they call for only whiskey. In the next recipe, they contemplate both whiskey and rum:

And, by the way, does that look like a party or what? Certainly, these are some interesting recipes to experiment with. Of course, we won't be snobs -- yes, you can go ahead and get egg nog from your local grocery store and mix it up as you like! These recipes are intended to inspire your own experimentation! What if you'd like to explore single servings, though? Consider these options:

Some excellent suggestions, there. Egg nog is an old, timeless, and classic beverage, and uniquely associated with Christmas! We won't mention the threat of calories. This is no time to be thinking about that stuff. Enjoy -- and cheers!

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