Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Happy Hour: Thanksgiving Special

Having returned to Standard Time, and having survived Halloween, we can't help but acknowledge that winter is settling in. But, the bright side of that is that we have the holiday season to enjoy! In the holiday spirit, we bring you the Thanksgiving Special, which is a drink you truly will give thanks for. What's vexing about this drink, however, is that there is scant information on how this drink got its name or how it is associated with Thanksgiving. The drink is featured in all of the vintage recipe books, yet it isn't a drink many have ever heard of. Here's the version from Mr. Boston's 1979 edition:

Now, if you look up this drink in virtually any comprehensive recipe book, you'll most likely find a version very similar to this (if not identical to this). Alas, this probably explains why this venerable old drink is consigned to the dustbin of memory. Quite simply, this recipe doesn't make for a very good drink. But, these ingredients seem like they'd match up very well. Good news! They do match up very well, but in slightly different proportions. Here's a recipe that makes this drink sing: This is a drink you can bring to your Thanksgiving feast and wind up being the toast of the party! We suggest that you start practicing mixing this drink right away, and you'll have it mastered by the time Thanksgiving rolls around in less than 3 weeks! Cheers!

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